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Five Key Ingredients
to Training Success

T he continuance of an effect - do not give up. Don’t think your puppy or dog is too stubborn to train. All dogs improve and eventually learn: some may take more effort. Start your puppy early! Don't wait! In fact, "the risk of a dog dying because of infection with distemper or parvo disease is far less than the much higher risk of a dog dying (euthanasia) because of a behavior problem." - Robert K. Anderson, DVM, Diplomate of American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine and Diplomate of American College of Veterinary Behaviorists.

To take and maintain a stand or make a firm request. Make sure your dog complies with your request. In other words, if you ask your dog to sit, he has to sit, if you ask him to come, he should come.

Conformity with previous practice, same principles and practice. This means everyone in contact with your puppy or dog need to train using the same methods. It is important that all family members verbalize, or signal the same cues and utilize the training methods the same so the puppy will learn.

Having endurance or perseverance in the performance of a task. Your task is to teach your puppy or dog. They are not pre-programmed, they have "dog behaviors" and we want them to "act like a human" in regards to manners or behaviors. So, teach your puppy or dog the ways of our world.

The act of transmitting, giving information, signals or messages. You task is to communicate wit your puppy or dog and teach them what you want them to learn. Don’t focus on what you don’t want, but rather what do you want. Communicate so your dog understands - yelling, striking, and physical abuse are not communication.

How To Choose A Trainer:
Association of Pet Dog Trainers
| Humane Society of the US

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Why choose a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed?

The Benefits of Early Puppy Training

Bring A New Puppy Home with the Right Attitude

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Choose the Best Dog Trainer for You and Your Dog

Choosing the Best Dog for Your Family

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Difference Between Bribes, Rewards & Lures

Effective Management of Your Puppy - Adolescent or Adult Dog

Eliminate Marking Behavior

Good Games to Play with Your Dog

Hiking with Your Dog

Home Alone - How to Reduce Your Dog's Boredom

Housetraining a Puppy or Adult Dog

Housetraining a Toy Breed Puppy or Dog

Keep the Puppy Love Affair Alive

Loose Leash Walking Exercises

Puppy Biting (Mouthiness) - How to Stop and Prevent It

Reliable Recall - Come

Rewards or Punishments - Part I - Part II - Part III

Shock or Electronic - Training Collars - do they work to change dog's behvavior

So Your Dog is an Adolescent - Now What?

Socialization & Introduction for Puppies is Critical

Stages of Behavior Development - Puppy to Adult

Stop Your Dog From Jumping

Taking Your Dog Hiking, Camping or Training

Tips to Raise a Toy Dog


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