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I just wanted to write you a note to tell you thank you, and compliment the "amazingness" of your training. When I first got Keiko I searched for the best trainer in town. I was very excited to do everything "right" for Keiko. The first trainer that I found was absolutely horrible! She had no idea what she was talking about. Keiko and I went to 5 classes and learned NOTHING! We also gained fear of playing with other dogs, because every action Keiko did i.e hair on her back standing up was an immediate sign of aggression. I was repeatedly told my dog is and will be aggressive, and when I thought there would be a difference it was totally not understandable to this lady or the facility. After all she is an akita...

When Robbi told me about Dog Training by PJ's I was sceptical...but decided that I could not give up...I knew in my heart that there was no way my 14 week old puppy could already be aggressive. Your class taught me many things, and corrected many many misconceptions that I had about training...I don't know if Keiko learned all that much (or retained) but I learned a lifetime of lessons, and I am now more empowered to do the right thing with Keiko. I know what signs to look for in good/bad dog play, I know how to correct the bad, and reward the good. I love the focus on positive and the focus on rewarding and capturing the positive rather then punishing the negative. Keiko is much happier and I am more effective with positive focus, and patient with negative behavior.

I am sad that Keiko and I will not be taking the next class with you, but hopefully in the fall we will be able to do a Rally-O class with you...I think she is kind of good at it???!!! I am confident though that any trainer at Dog Training by PJ will be as fabulous as you are!
Again, thank you for your positive, humorous, and patient training tips, techniques, and such.

With love,
Jasper and Keiko!

Sorry that Kudlow and I will not make our last class as we have a guest coming in this evening. It has really been a pleasure taking these classes to help mold my little buddy and it has been IMMENSELY successful. I will continue with the outline to improve his recall but we are already doing some "limited" free walking at the park (he drags his long leash).

[We] will probably take the summer off, but will look for other programs that you will be teaching. You have been terrific for me and my little boy! Thanks so much.

Brian Roberts

PJ: It was nice to visit with you the other day at Scraps.

Tana and I have taken Puppy Kindergarten 101 and Brilliant Buddy and I wanted to let you know that while I appreciate all the things we learned in class, I love “wait!” Friends and family love watching her sit, lay and play dead dog, but honestly, the best command to date is the “wait.” I do not have to struggle with Tana at the door, whether it be the car or at home. She loves going to Scraps and knows when we are in the parking lot. I open the door, ask for a “wait” and she does so until the leash is on. Opening the door for the pizza person, I ask for a wait and she does so ever so politely without barreling over me or the pizza delivery person. I watch other dog owners get knocked over when arriving at the dog park and am beyond grateful that Tana waits until her leash is on. Not only does it prevent me from being knocked over, but also protects her in the parking lot.

We have signed up to take the Perfect Recall in April and I imagine that command will soon become my favorite, but in the meantime… I LOVE “WAIT.”

Hi PJ,

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed learning proper techniques for training my springer spaniel. I just completed puppy class. I liked the way the dogs are introduced to new behaviors and the way instructor presents the information. This was an immediately effective training course. Having my puppy learn to be comfortable around other dogs and people was very helpful. I plan to work on the material learned in class and feel a lot more confident in my ability to let my puppy know what is expected from her. I think this has been a solid foundation for both me and my dog to build on.

Thanks again -
Jerry H.

Thank you for your excellent lessons in obedience and for your judging efforts on our Canine Good Citizen tests! As anyone that owns a working dog can attest, they are not an easy lot to ‘corral’. However, your expertise and knowledge has helped lay a solid foundation for our dogs and we can’t thank you enough. You are always welcome at our training sessions and we appreciate your hard won insight on training dogs.

Anyone in search of high quality obedience lessons for any type of dog would do well in consulting and hiring P.J. for their training needs.

Many thanks!
Reno Schutzhund Gruppe
Bruce Huff, Al Karmanoogian, Karen Kibbe, Dave & Christie Phillips, Sally Sanders & Zack Felix

Seven years ago, I bought an English Cocker Spaniel Puppy. My intent was to work him as a Pet Therapy Dog. He was adorable, and I knew people would love him. It did not take long to realize that cute and friendly was not the same as calm and quiet. We tried many local dog trainers, but nothing fit our
personality. We finally tried Dog Training by P.J. While trying to heel in Puppy Class, I knew we had found our trainer. Rather than forcing him to heel by breaking his spirit, she considered his breed and showed us how to heel in a way that we were both comfortable. Over the next three years, we took a variety of classes from P.J. With so many options, we were never bored. Dozer enjoyed the tricks class the best. Dozer the Dog has been a Paws for Love Pet Therapy Dog for the past five years. Whenever anyone comments on how well behaved he is, I tell them P.J. trained me, and I trained my dog.

Tamera Buzick

I have taken both of my dogs to Training by P.J. It was the most wonderful experience. The trainers are knowledge about animal behavior, but they also teach each owner about behaviors that will help contribute to making their animals well behaved. The trainers are well equipped with methods and training techniques that helped my animals and myself as well. I would recommend Training by P.J. To anyone that has any type of dog because it was extremely beneficial.

Thanks for everything P.J.

Dear four legged friends,
You really should get you r Humans to take you to class at Dog Training by PJ. You'll make lots of new friends, learn manners & commands and learn to communicate with your Humans. I sure hope you sign-up soon, its sure worth the effort.
Its great fun.....
Sammi, The Lhasa Apso
& Patricia

We have had all three of our dogs trained at PJs. Our fourth is on the way and she will be trained at PJs, as well. People think we are crazy to have so many pets, but they are all so well behaved, that it makes it easy. Thanks PJ!

The Pearson Family


Working with your trainers has a been great experience for both us and our dogs Roxy and Snickers. We have been in multiple classes from beginning training to growly class and we have learned that the best knowledge and training to have is to better our understanding of how to teach our dogs. The things we have learned from your class to teach our dogs have been so beneficial to us that I could not imagine ever having another dog and not using your training. Thanks so much for everything, Roxy and Snickers thank you too.

------A & S

Hi PJ,

Thank you so much for helping us out with our two shih tzu puppies -- Sophie & Sadie. We really appreciate the time you took with us in every class and the positive results we've achieved with each and every dog training session.

Marlo & Jason Patterson

Coco and I have attended two of PJ's classes, Growly Dog and Brilliant Buddy. Coco is a 9 year old English Springer with lots of past training (and an AKC Companion Dog title). But we had been away from class for a while and Coco needed a re-introduction to being around other dogs and in a classrom situation.

I was very impressed with the classes. It's a big change for me using postivie reinforcement only exercises. The puppies in Brilliant Buddy really responded and made a lot of progress during the class. The growly dogs, who raised the roof the first day of class, were able to have totally calm and quiet times by the end of the class.

If you've brought a dog into your home and heart, you owe it to both of you to get basic manners training, at least. I think you would be very pleased with the training methods and classes that PJ has to offer.

Terry L.

Dear PJ,

I would like to personally thank you and your staff for all you have taught us as well as our beloved Standard Poodle Puppies and New Brittany Girl.

We have been in Standard Poodles since 1964 and Brittanys 1959. We always had companion dogs as our family pets and only gave training a serious thought the last 7 years.

After begining a quality feeding program in 2001, being introduced to the wonderful products now available at the Scrap's Dog Company in Reno, NV we were checking into training and were refered to "Dog Training by PJ" at the Scrap's store on S. Virginia in Reno.

Soon after you began at your Canine Education Center, we began training with our first silver standard poodle, Beau and next our CAN CH Diamond Diva. Beau and CAN CH Diva were followed in our training endeavors with AM/CAN CHAMPION Pinafore Diamond Boulavardier and continued Education with CAN CH Diva where we used a trainer near our home in Susanville CA. We thought we would beneift from the close commute to Susanville at 17 miles VS Reno NV which is 70 miles from our home. We only attended 3 classes of the 6 in Susanville with the other trainer and never returned. We realized quickly we made a mistake with the enrollment in the new classes in our home town in California.

As we had a dream to have Conformation Champions in our Breeding program, you (PJ) always modified our instruction so we received the basics but also the extra effort was made to show us what a true conformation dog was to do in the ring. We never realized the benefit of having the Dog Training by PJ staff "On Call" for the extras not only during class but before and after.

We now have "Gone Home" as we call it and have our newest Bred by up and comers, in Obedience #1 at Dog Training by PJ, Marquis Diamond Code of Silence and Marquis Diamond Dancing Cloud 9. After Cody and Chloe complete their lesson we stay the next hour with Mich's MT-Thunder Mountain Fanci. Fanci is our newest Brittany pup and our first AKC Bench Brittany to be! Cody, Chloe and Fanci have done well and as a result of the correct instruction with the professionals at Dog Training by PJ. We are gonna be ready for competition in late 2007. We are Jazzed.

We feel so pleased with the class instruction and the benefits that we have gained by attending with our puppies, we will follow with our next 3 Standard Poodle Pups, Rose, Co Co and Gabrielle. We have also taken advantage of the seminars PJ has scheduled for her customers on the Raw Feeding process for Canines. We learned ALOT and appreciate the "Extras" we have been given.

Dog Training by PJ has been a great outing for us on Saturdays and our puppies love it. We have been made better at what we do as Breeders of our standard Poodles and Brittanys and pass this onto our puppies while they are in our home. We also feel strongly about our customers in NV and CA using "Dog Training by PJ" for their training with their new puppy and give our follow up literature in their puppy layettes.

Thank you PJ for all we have learned and for the help you have given us as Breeers and AKC Conformation Exhibitors. We appreciate you and your staff, recommending you very highly to all dog enthusiasts and thier new canine companions.

Brian and Susan Cook/ Helen Satterfield
Thunder Mountain Brittanys
Marquis Diamond Standard Poodles

I rescued a great dog who had been abused and suffered from anxiety. After a free consult with PJ at Scraps, she helped me understand my dog’s behaviors and explained to me what I should be doing. After enrolling my dog in PJ’s “Brilliant Buddy” class, positive behaviors were reinforced in a humane and gentle setting. PJ’s classes made all the difference in my dog’s personality and my enjoyment of him. Our next class is certification for pet therapy. Thanks PJ!

Dear PJ:
The classes my husband and I have taken our two dogs to have been of great benefit to all four of us. I started out taking our newest addition to the adoloscent class and liked it so much my husband decided to take our 8 year old Aussie. I have signed us up for the next level class, brilliant buddy, because it is such a positive experience.
Our dogs have bonded with us even more than before, they focus on us when we speak and they are much better behaved. The classes are fun and the dogs love them, who wouldn't love an hour of your owner's undivided attention, getting praise for one solid hour and getting treats the whole time!!

Pam and Larry Gullihur

PJ has taught us how to really communicate with Frannie and has created a very pleasant learning experience. The methods used in class have had an extremely positive impact on Frannie and she has responded so much faster than we had ever hoped. We have learned that patience is key and we are very confident that as we continue to work with Frannie she will become the well trained and happy dog she was meant to be!
-Katrina, Tim and Frannie

-Thanks PJ for all of your hard work and dedication. The dogs of Northern Nevada/Tahoe need you! See you Tuesday evening for the final class :)
Katrina A. Scoville

I had such success with PJ and her training my first puppy, a Bernese Mt. Dog that when I got another puppy several years later I immediately scheduled puppy kinder garden for my new Boxer puppy. By just taking the Puppy Kinder garden class I was able to learn the skills to teach my Bernese Mt. Dog all the basic commands, in addition she knows five commands all by sign language; no voice commands, plus one "game"...all by sign. Bernese Mt. Dogs and Boxers are completely different temperament, and PJ's tools were just as effective with both puppies.

Dorothy Hooper

Just a note to let you know how very pleased I remain with the results from your training class five years later for my two labs!

I especially wanted to let you know that the training “sticks”! And as I’ve mentioned in the past, my FAVORITE lesson in the series was “wait”, or, as I call it, “hold on”. To this day, I can use that simple request to quiet the labs, hold them at a door/gate/entrance or the car and I use the request to ensure the safety of my 4-legged kids.

Additionally, my friends Callie and Alex, who also brought their labs (full sisters to my two dogs) to you also raved about you, the class and the effectiveness of the lessons.

Most of all, and the reason I chose DTBPJ, was your credentials and experience in the positive training methods you use. I’m grateful beyond words that you instructed ME about the outdated and INEFFECTIVE methods used by force-based “trainers” who use cruelty to bring a dog into “submission.” Dangerous techniques such as “twirling”, chocking, hitting and the like cause dogs to fear their owners and possibly turn them into fear biters. By contrast, the training methods taught by your and your trainers helped me build a relationship of trust with my labs and that trust remains with us today. My dogs are not anxious or fearful.

Fortunately, the tide is turning and force-based “training “is no longer seen as effective and “trainers” are seen as inhumane and ineffective. Positive methods that teach expectations and desired behaviors have been tangibly demonstrated to work. And YOU have been a HUGE part of that education effort and I’m deeply grateful.

Unique in your classes was the brief explanation of quality pet food! I was unaware that inferior ingredients such as corn, wheat, soy, preservatives such as BHA and BHT and color dyes were likely culprits of allergies, itching, ear infections, skin flaking and hot spots….all of which are known to lab owners! Because of that knowledge I was able to buy food that would actually nourish my labs and not just fill them up. Their coats, by the way, are like mink.

Finally, I appreciated the discounts you arranged at local pet business for the students in your class.

I’ve sent my friends and their pet/s to you for training and they have been equally pleased with the knowledge and results.

Keep up your EXCELLENT work! Your results community-wide have vastly improved the lives of so many pets and their people!

Elaine Lange

We were first recommended to Dog Training by PJ from a dog supply retail owner who said she was "the best in town." We had recently moved to Reno and our youngest dog was having a very hard time adjusting. She was nervous to be in the city and had attempted to bite several strangers. I was terrified of having a dog that might bite someone.

In taking PJ's basic adolescent obedience course, not only did our dog learn basic commands, but she was also taught to interact with strangers. While she is not yet the "perfectly obedient" dog, she is a delight to have out in public and will follow basic commands when asked to do so.

We enjoyed our experience with PJ and her training techniques so much that I have signed up two of my dogs--including the one PJ worked with on her fear towards strangers issue--for the Rally O class and cannot wait for it to begin. I am constantly recommending Dog Training by PJ to anyone who has a dog, because owner communication and dog obedience is an ongoing, never ending process.

Anne and Elisha Dillon-Thomas

Thank you very much for the dog training classes. You are an excellent resource when it comes to dogs. Your pace and explanations of how to teach our dog were easy to follow. We really enjoyed your class and look forward to learning more from you!

Alex, Stephanie, and Bailey

We began training with PJ when our Chihuahua Nitro began having difficulties around other dogs. Her knowledge of the breed and calm training techniques have been a perfect fit. Her classes are always well planned, structured, yet flexible enough to address the individual needs of each owner and their dogs.

Kathy, Arnold, Mutt, Panda, Nitro and Rascal Etchemendy

I knew Primo, my 5 month old golden retriever, was a good boy, but I was amazed how incredible he really was until we started taking PJ's adolescent class. The tips and techniques she teaches work wonderfully (and so quick!) if used consistently. I would recommend her classes to anyone with a new dog or pup.

--Lisa Neubecker

PJ is GREAT! Since we moved to Nevada in 2005, we have had our two Dachshunds (Capri, now age six and her mother, Sable, now age ten) in three classes - Two Adolescent 101, and one Brilliant Buddy. If you ever have had Dachshunds, you will understand the need to and usefulness of repeating a class. PJ and her assistants are just the kind of trainers we were looking for. Positive reinforcement not only works, it works even with independent thinking Dachshunds. We are working Capri towards CGC, and when she is ready, she will do just fine. Since they have been attending PJ's Doggie School, we are have seen a marked improvement in their behavior and their gaining confidence in themselves. Our doggies go everywhere with us locally and on cross-country trips. At least weekly, if not daily, we get compliments on our doggies. We had the pleasure of working with excellent dog trainer in Fairbanks, Alaska, who not only taught the basics and CGC, but trained search and rescue dogs for local and "Lower 48" law enforcement and rescue groups. We never thought we would find another trainer like her when we left Alaska. PJ more than met our VERY HIGH EXPECTATIONS. We highly recommend PJ and her "Training by PJ" programs for doggies of all shapes and size, and all temperaments. Yes, it takes time and effort on your part to train your canine companion, but thanks to trainers like PJ, you can do it - and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Sincerely, Gretchen and Glen Straatsma

Dear PJ,

Thank you for working with handsome Snuggles. Your effort , love, care and time you put into your work is very impressive and the results are always wonderful!!!

I am happy to always know that you are a phone call away. Thank you for your time with Snuggles and I.

Snuggles deserves the best and you are the best!!!

Much appreciated,

We started our training classes with PJ in the intermediate class when we learned of her center at a Daw Days function at Fuji Park in Carson. My five year old Australian Cattle dog Katie and I have been to almost every class she offers. These classes have been very rewarding with only positive training methods used. The class we enjoyed the most is Tricks. I was not sure of this class at first as cattle dogs are very active but it sure worked her mind. Each class we would learn new tricks, our homework was to practice these new ones. Katie was always happy to go and could not wait to get inside the classroom. Dancing with dogs is another fun class. I have also taken my two year old Cattle Dog Jessie, to intermediate and tricks. Jessie, also loved the Tricks class. My youngest Cattle Dog Edi, will start the Tricks class soon. Our whole experience in training with PJ has been wonderful, we have learned so much. Learning is a continual experience to keep these busy Cattle Dogs active. Hope to see you at the next class.

Jean Katie Jessie & Edi

Hi PJ,
I really wanted to thank you for helping us with Gus. We have worked with him as you showed us and he has gone from an uncontrollable beautiful pug, to a pleasure to be around. He no longer jumps on the table, he sits on command,lays and is a pleasure to walk. I always said I could not understand why someone would give him up as all they needed to do was just to work with him instead. You showed the 3 university kids and myself how to turn a problem dog into a loving well behaved family member.

Gus is a pleasure with thanks to you. Your patience and care really paid off.

Lots of licks from Gus, and hugs from me.

Robyn Johnson


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